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Our capabilities enable us to fabricate the most complex gas turbine engine components.

Today, we are trusted by OEMs, Risk and Revenue Sharing Partners, and operators in commercial aviation, military aviation, power generation, the marine industry, rotary wing and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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The production of engine structures is a significant aspect of Paradigm Precision's business. As such, the company machines an array of engine components including, but not limited to:
- Airfoils
- Augmentor Module components
- Casings
- Castings
- Combustion Liners
- Flanges
- Frame Assemblies
- Actuation Rings
- Housings
- Shafts and Seals
- Shroud Segments
- Thin-Walled Rings
Material Capabilities
- Stainless Steel Alloys
- Aluminum
- High-Temp Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
- Titanium
Special Process Capabilities
- Airflow Test & Measurement
- Bonding
- Brazing and Vacuum Heat Treat
- EDM (Conventional Sinker, Wire, Fast-Hole Drilling)
- Etching
- Heat Treat
- Investment Casting
- Laser services (Cut, Weld, Hole Drilling-Effusion/Shaped)
- NiCrAL Blast and Brush Nickel Electroplating
- Surface Enhancement (Shot Peen, Glass Bead)
- Thermal Coatings/Robotic Plasma Spray (Thermal Barrier, Hardface, LoK)
- Welding (TIG Plasma, Fusion, Resistance, Stud)
- X-Ray
- Conventional Machining as a Special Process (Turning, Hole Drilling, Edge Break)
- Nondestructive Testing (Flourescent Penetrant)
TCT BLASTTM is a breakthrough process technology for the manufacture and repair of combustion chamber components.

The typical combustion chamber gas path requires a Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC), which performs the important function of insulating and protecting the parent metal from the severe heat load. Effusion hole air-cooling systems are used in conjunction with TBC to achieve maximum benefit by reducing the thermal gradients in the metallic substrate. This greatly reduces the driving force of thermal fatigue. Combustion chamber durability is improved dependent upon the integrity of the TBC ceramic insulation layer.

The current industry method used to produce effusion air-cooling holes in TBC-coated combustion chambers requires laser drilling through the metallic substrate and the TBC. Unfortunately, laser drilling generates significant fracture energy in the TBC, which results in TBC debonding, delamination and subsequent TBC loss. This, of course, adversely affects component durability and service life.

To solve this problem, we developed the TCT BLASTTM, a proprietary process which enables TBC ceramic insulation to be applied after laser drilling of effusion air-cooling holes, thereby eliminating the laser damage which occurs from laser drilling through the TBC ceramic insulation layer.

There is also an additional benefit of this process. The metallic substrate air-cooling hole surfaces and edges are smoothed and rounded during the TCT BLASTTM process. This significantly improves the airflow characteristics of the air-cooling holes by increasing the hole Cd (discharge coefficient). Rigorous OEM testing (furnace cyclic and accelerated mission) has validated and verified the durability improvement which can be realized by using TCT BLASTTM process technology for manufacture and repair applications.
Process and Manufacturing Capabilities
Paradigm Precision serves a global market though the delivery of highly specialized machined components. Our strictly disciplined approach to engineering and manufacturing delivers value to our customers through our global operations, exceptional machine technology, specialized processes and certifications, Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing expertise, and world-class engineering. In addition to our Core Capabilities, the following is a list of our Complimentary process capabilities:
- 5-Axis CBN grinding
- Assembly and Sheet Metal Fabrication
- Automatic Grit BLAST
- Boring mills w/ 40-ton table capability
- CNC Spark Erosion Grinding (Honeycomb)
- Grinding (Surface, OD/ID, Jig)
- Laser Services (Cut, Weld, Hole Drilling-Effusion/Shaped)
- Milling - Horizontal, Vertical, 5-Axis, Multi-Pallet
- Press Department (800T, 250T, 90T, 40T)
- Repair Services (Full Life Cycle)
- Super Plastic, Radial and Deep Draw/Hot Forming
- Titanium Processing and Chemical Milling
- Tool Design/Manufacturing
- Turning - From under 1" to 240" in Diameter
- Water Jet Metal Cutting (3-axis & 5-axis)
- Welding (Plasma, Fusion, Resistance, Stud)
- Metallurgical/Calibration Lab
Engineering Software Capabilities
- CNC Program Optimization
- Volumill
- GageTrak
- PCDmis
- ProE Wildfire 5
- SolidWorks
- Unigraphics NX4 and NX6